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San Jose Region

San José is the political and economic center of the country, comprising more than half of the country's business and services. It is a city with an interesting mix of history and modernization. Although the downtown area is almost uninhabited by residents, it is a stop-over point that sees more than one million people a day, where people from the metropolitan area and visitors converge. It is a hub made up of many points of interest, as well as faces and colors that reflect the history of our people.

Braulio Carillo Rainforest Ariel Tram (includes lunch)

You will cross the Continental Divide and enter Braulis Carrillo National Park. After a half hour trip through the park, the bus will reach a 1000 acre private reserve of virgin forest. Open-sided vehicles shuttle passengers from the parking area to the Visitor's Center. The shuttle trip provides an introduction to the forest, as visitors pass a small river and numerous tree snags with nesting holes of various birds - the White Hawk is regularly seen here, as well as the Pale-billed Woodpecker and many others. The trails are well-groomed and provide an excellent introduction to the rain forest. Time now to board the Aerial Tram. The Open-sided cable cars hold 5 passengers and a guide. The tour includes: A/C transportation, guide, Natural hike in the rain forest, lunch, aerial trram, introductory video.
Rainforest Ariel Tram costa rica Costa Rica Gondola Ride Canopy Ariel Tram Costa Rica

Barva Volcano Canopy Tour (includes lunch)

Our canopy tour has 13 platforms, and 11 of these are suspended around gigantic oak trees, typical to old growth jungles. The cables used in the zip lining activity are galvanized stainless steel. The length of these go anywhere from 60 to 600 feet, and most of them are suspended on the canopy and go over beaurtiful waterfalls. Our tour is focused on natural conservation and the safety of our clients. We have several hiking trails, some on the ground and others are elevated. Here our guides will show you all obout our flora and fauna. The tour includes; A/C transportation, guide, zip-line, lunch.
Canopy Tour Barva Volcano Costa Rica Canopy Tour, Barva Costa Rica Canopy Tour    

Cafe Britt Coffee Tour

Since 1991, this award winning stage play on a coffee farm had educated and entertained more than a half a million visitors on a colorful, multimedia journey through our working plantation and roastery. Our experts lead the way on an enjoyable journey through the world of coffee. Discover coffee's colorful history and the process that transforms the red coffee cherry into the delicious beverage we enjoy every morning. Tour Includes: A/C Transportation Guide Coffee Tour Lunch.
Britt Coffee Tour Costa Rica Costa Rican Coffee Plantation Britt Coffee Tour    

Hiking at Barva Volcano National Park (includes lunch)

At the entrance of the park we will begin our hike on the Stag Horn Path. Then we will hook on to the Barva Lagoon Path, where we will be able to experience breath taking views of the main lagoon from inside the crater and from the lip of the crater. Depending on the group and weather conditions we will finally link our hike to the Copey Lagoon Trail, one of the most amazing and least visited trails on the park. The full Barva Volcano hike. Tour Includes: A/C Transportation Guide Entrance Fee Snacks Picnic Lunch.
Hiking at Barva Volcano Barva Volcano Costa Rica National Park Barva Volcano