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A Note from our owner

A Note from our owner

“Making Dreams Come True”

Hello everyone. Growing up in the suburbs of New York, my childhood was full of good and bad moments just like everyone. One thing I looked forward to with my parents and 2 siblings throughout my childhood was our family vacations. My father would bring me along to our local travel agency, and I would watch the agents work their magic and make our families dreams come true! It was so surreal to me that we could go into this office, and the next thing I knew, we were on a flight and we would land in a destination where all our problems seemed to disappear and the happiest of times began.
As I entered my high school years, I worked with my teachers and others on ideas of what I wanted to do with my life after high school. After thinking long and hard, and watching my friends make plans to go onto a 4-year college and follow their dreams and aspirations, I knew it was time for me to follow my own dreams. That was to work at a travel agency and help clients book vacations and making dreams come true!
After a short couple of years of gaining knowledge and clearly understanding the business model of a travel agency, I wanted to take my career to the next level and start my own small business. I began my own small agency right out of my own home way before home-based agents were popular! I started with just a few agents, and I knew it was important to get out and explore the destinations we were going to recommend to clients. We worked with other tour operators and other industry partners.
Almost 20-years later, I am excited to share that I have a staff of over 30 employees, my small business clearly outgrew my home years back, we have added in our very own tour operator, JetSet Vacations to make it even more convenient for our clients, and most importantly, I still follow my mission to make dreams come true! I am a proud mom of 4 kids myself and have instilled in them the value of family and the importance of making memories! Having a family of my own, I know how important it is to make vacations affordable! My company makes it our goal to try and the get the best deals on hotels and resorts and package it with the best travel rates for our clients!
There is a destination for everyone! There is a hotel or resort for everyone. What one person may think is amazing may not be how others feel. Me and my staff continue to learn as we grow. My motto to my staff is Work Hard/Play Hard! Being a small tour operator, we all do the work of roughly 5 employees. I know that me and my staff work hard, but I’m a huge believer in celebrating success and having fun! We will never be one of the large tour operator companies that are out there, but we offer a caring staff that is knowledgeable and eager to help our clients dreams come true. We are huge fans of Mexico, Caribbean and Costa Rica!
Make memories friends! Follow your dreams! Don’t put off today, what you may not have an opportunity for tomorrow. Continue to push yourselves!

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