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Almonds and Corals, nestled amongst the exuberant jungle of Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica, offers three in one unique destination, because it is part an exclusive Caribbean beach resort, part a safari camp and part an eco-conscious boutique hotel. The owners are devoted to offer one-of-a-kind accommodations awaiting your arrival and a unique sensory experience that promotes harmony between inner and outer self.

Almonds & Corals hotel is steeped in the early history of tourism at Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. It was here that in 1990 the owners, Aurora Gamez and Dr. Marco Odio a young couple full of dreams, arrived after three days of searching for a magical spot in the Costarican South Caribbean coast, traveling by motorcycle and on foot, and pitched their tents in the falling light. They awoke in an illuminated tropical forest of breathtaking beauty. Unique, peaceful and remote, this wild untrammeled wilderness is still the defining experience at Almonds & Corals.

The interior conjures Caribbean indulgence with a safari’s twist. The experience tells a story of a bygone era and furnishing an environment of soft adventure, Aurora designed the interior combining Caribbean colors and specially created environments to discover the secrets of the jungle or enjoy a Canopy adventure. There is something different and interesting to experience at round every corner. Almonds & Corals is a photographers’ delight, both inside the surrounds of the Pavilion Suites and out in the golden beach or under the high canopies of the trees.

The Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge area, where Almonds & Corals is situated, has a large wildlife resource with a wide variety of species, but it is most noted for its very large howling monkey population, which can be heard or seen from your bed early in the morning, along with Blue Morpho butterflies and a myriad of colorful birds.


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Cativo Restaurant

The open restaurant is situated under the trees and near the ocean, where meals are both unusual and beautifully presented adding to the whole enjoyable experience the music of the Costa Rican Caribbean or if you prefer, the melodies of the Caribbean rain forest and the rhythm of the sea.

When you decide to go on vacation, you certainly also outline a plan for the dining options, right? You choose some local cuisine spots to try new flavors, fusion cuisine to experiment exotic combinations and perhaps some good old fashioned comfort food to remind you of home.

Well, at Almonds and Corals, you might just find all of those options at one single spot. Yes, our restaurant is well-known for its amazing flavorful menu options, which seamlessly combine local and international cuisine, inspired by the enchanting landscapes and colors of the Southern Caribbean Coast. Our guests enjoy delicious meals while delighting on the view of the tropical rainforest, just steps away from their dining table at our open concept restaurant area.

The hotel aims to offer guests a well-rounded vacation experience of lounging at a rustic wooden bungalow cabin and tasting delicious meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Menus are redesigned every season by our Executive Chef to ensure uniqueness and versatility in every serving. Whether you love seafood, meats, poultry, vegetarian or desserts, you will definitely enjoy every bite

Our chef, characterizes his cooking style as a blend of traditional and international cuisine, using multiple ingredients to create colorful culinary creations that catch the eye and stimulate the senses. “Small details, great moments” is his signature phrase, when describing the inspiration behind his ingredient choices and names for his recipes.

Always willing to innovate and amaze customers, once a guest group has confirmed a reservation, Our chef will take on the task of creating specially customized menu options, to surprise you with variations of local and fusion cuisine, but also incorporating some of your home country’s specialties, to celebrate your stay.

Aside from creating a great array of seasonal choices, our chef will customize the menu to match special events such as weddings, beach day celebrations, birthdays or simply large group reservations. The dining area is occasionally transferred to the beach, just for one meal service, so you won’t have to step away from the beautiful turquoise and emerald sea to enjoy your meal.

However it is that you have planned your vacation at Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Coast, the restaurant and Executive Chef at Almonds and Corals wants to ensure an impeccable culinary experience, merging fresh ingredients with creative displays.

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