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Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort


Guests at the Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort experience a tropical adventure. The resort is the most comprehensive, peaceful, adventurous and restful place that you can find in the Arenal Area. Hotel Los Lagos was originally a spiritual retreat, and is now a full-service resort with hotel, spa, and plenty of activities to keep you busy . The spectacular backdrop of the Arenal Volcano and surrounding rainforest, as well as the natural lakes and hot springs, will delight your senses. Located 6 km west of La Fortuna Central Park, La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano Area. Nearby airports are Juan Santamaria Internationa Airport and El Tanque Airport.



The Standard Hotel Rooms are fully furnished with 1 double size bed, with an additional rollaway bed; and some of these rooms with 2 double size bed (with its rollaway beds). Roomy and quality decorated, will facilitate you to appreciate the Arenal Volcano in a handy way, while receiving the fresh and pristine air from the Costa Rica Tropical Rainforest.


In the Superior Hotel Rooms you can enjoy your trip relaxing or reading, while staying at the hotel. Fully furnished with 2 queen and 2 rollaway beds. Roomiest and quality decorated, all have big windows to appreciate the Arenal Volcano from inside, or a comfortable big terrace to see it at outside, while receiving the very fresh air from the Costa Rica Tropical Rainforest. An impressive view to San Carlos’ plain is also available.


In the Premium room you enjoy a wide range of amenities for your comfort. These premium rooms are fully furnished with all of the possible elements to provide a pleasant experience.


A large room furnished for maximum comfort of your family and friends. This chamber consists of two floors that allow the hosting of up to 9 people.

The main floor will be a conditioned space with a bedroom, living room and kitchen, not forgetting the beautiful scenery that accompanies it. In addition, the second floor has a large room and a terrace with panoramic views of San Carlos Valley and the majestic Arenal Volcano.

Stuff To Do

Los Lagos Hotel Pools

The pools at Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort receive their water supply directly from the tropical rainforest’s springs. Each pool is like a man-made pond, fed by fresh, freely flowing streams. So, you will enjoy a refreshing and relaxing Costa Rican vacation in a pristine natural pool.

Arenal Volcano Lakes

Right at the foot of the Arenal Volcano, and completely surrounded by a rainforest populated by birds and monkeys, there are two lakes -or rather lagoons- of emerald waters, providing a really mystical natural experience that simply will make your Costa Rican vacation unforgettable.

Hot Springs Natural Benefits

The therapeutic uses of natural hot springs can be internal or external, ranging from water treatments (hydrotherapy), to medicinal clay (geotherapy). Applied as a mask directly on the skin, clay releases excess body heat and absorbs toxins and other secretions.

All Inclusive

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Eat & Drink

Las Palmas

The Las Palmas Restaurant at Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort looks directly onto the rainforest. It is a roomy, comfortable place that invites you to sit back and enjoy Costa Rica cuisine, featuring the countrys most typical meals: “gallo pinto”, which is included in our notoriously plentiful breakfast; or the famous “casado”; as well as a very wide selection of international dishes. From the comfort of your table you can experience the proximity of the rainforest and the wonderful bird watching that will provide excellent photo opportunities. Thus you can feel the taste of our country in your Costa Rican vacation.

Lemnons Wet Bar

With the Arenal Volcano as an impressive natural background, enjoy the refreshing beverages and tropical fruit at our Lemnos Wet Bar, blending the pleasant and relaxing warmth of a hot spring, with the happy and musical atmosphere of this hotel bar.

Get Busy & Entertainment

Frog farm

Symbols of the tropical rainforest, tireless nocturnal carolers, bizarrely multicolored and sometimes poisonous, the rainforest frogs at our conservationist Frog Farm surely display an extraordinary variety. You can see it all, and learn all about them, while making your Costa Rican vacation naturally astounding!

Canopy Tours

Canopy Tour Los Cañones offers a tour full of adrenaline within the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest, with the possibility of seeing tropical birds or howler monkeys, while you are a guest in their home. With our Canopy Tour you can be sure you’ll experience a full adventure in your Costa Rican vacation, even within the Los Lagos Hotel area.

Horseback Riding

Featuring the Arenal Volcano and its surrounding rainforest as the main natural scenery, at our horseback riding camp you can enjoy a key nature tour for your Costa Rican vacation, on very well-tended horses. After horseback riding lessons or instruction as needed, you will be ready to ride the trails, including a rainforest portion where howler monkeys and birds can be seen.




Fangus Spa

Touched by the lush natural rainforest enchantment, bathed in fresh air and surrounded by water, Fangus Spa in Los Lagos Hotel, Spa & Resort is the perfect destination for quality personal care treatments. What can be better than a Therapeutic Massage or another treatment after a long day of travel, exploration or work?

Weddings & Groups


The Lakes Hotel is pleased to welcome all those who wish to spend their honeymoon or anniversary in our facilities, being offered them a unique experience in a natural environment. We offer a fully customized stay to provide an unforgettable experience. We include canopy tours, romantic dinner, horseback riding and other services that will make your stay memorable.

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