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Your next generation tour operator. We recognize that nothing ever stays the same in the travel industry and new times call for a different perspective in selling travel. Our mission is to empower travel agents to reach the next generation of travel consumers with powerful advertising and unique product offerings allowing you, the travel agent to distinguish yourself in the marketplace. We believe in travel agents and the quality of service the agent community provides to today’s travel consumer. Jetset Vacations is here to help you build a better and more recognizable brand.

Why book with Jetset Vacations?

  • Highly competitive commission structures on all product, including trip protection transportation and tours
  • Cooperative marketing credit for all revenue generated
  • Great booking incentives, including AMEX gift cards, electronics, free resort stays, air tickets and more!
  • Quality cooperative marketing opportunities that generate real ROI
  • 24-Hour Concierge Service for every booking, regardless of destination
  • Friendly English Speaking customer service and reservation staff
  • Fam trips to unique destinations and great product training resources
  • Marketing consultation and assistance.

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