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Travel Checklist

a. All travelers need one when traveling outside of the United States.
b. Make sure none of the passports will expire within the next 6-months.
2. Credit Card Companies
a. It is sometimes necessary to call your credit card company and bank before you travel out of the country just in case they put a hold on your account(s) thinking it may be fraud.
3. Don’t Miss Your Flight
a. We highly recommend that you arrive at the airport 2-hours before your scheduled flight times.
b. It is better to be early rather than late. Running to try and catch your flight can cause added stress before a well-deserved relaxing vacation.
4. $10 Tourist Card (Cash Only)
a. If you are traveling anywhere within the Dominican Republic, the government of the Dominican Republic charges all tourist $10 upon entry into their country.
5. Tipping Protocol
a. Tipping is not required or expected at any of the resorts we sell; however, we highly recommend a few dollars here and there for great service.
i. Use your own judgement with this, but don’t ever feel obligated.
ii. If you plan on tipping, remember to get single dollars before you leave for your trip.
6. Call Cell Phone Carrier
a. Since communication to back home is so important to most, we highly recommend checking with your own cell phone provider before you leave.
i. Many of them may have cheaper options for texting and calling out of the country.
a. WIFI is becoming more popular at the hotels and resorts we sell, but it is not a guarantee. Plan accordingly.
8. Hotel Transfers
a. Hotel transfers once you arrive to your destination are typically not included in our packages; HOWEVER, they are always available and recommended to purchase ahead of time.
i. Always ask your agent when you purchase the hotel transfers what you should expect when you land and where to meet your driver.
9. Electronics
a. Headphones and a device to watch a movie or listen to your favorite music on the plane to help pass the time.
10. Sunscreen/Medication
a. Don’t forget sunscreen, pain medication and any of your personal medications JUST IN CASE
11. Sunglasses!
a. Very important and sometimes overlooked.

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