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Blue River Resort


Blue River Resort allows you to discover a “Paradise on Earth”, along Costa Rica’s north side of the majestic volcano, Rincon de la Vieja inside a lush rainforest with grand waterfalls, natural mineral hot springs and sparkling “blue” rivers. Soak in 3 hot springs pools, 2 fresh water pools with a bullet water-slide and a blue river. Wander their botanical gardens with 700 varietals, fish, turtle & caiman ponds, hummingbird sanctuary and more. Indulge in a spa treatment; visit the butterfly gardens; take a natural mud bath and sauna; exercise in the gym; plus, much more. Then set off into the rain forest jungle on Eco-adventure tours, most nearby. Their newest adventure is the Dino Park with life-size moving creatures that have returned to the Costa Rica jungle!

Experience the perfect blend of adventure and tranquility and see why so many return again and again.


Cabana King Bed

Cabana King Bed

Breakfast720SF 1 King Bed 1 Bath Sleeps 4

Cabana King Bed is a 720 sq. ft. room featuring one king-size bed and up to 2 additional cots that can accommodate a family of 4 people. Book this cabana for romance or for a family (no extra charge for beds). Great for a romantic get-away.

All stays include breakfast. Inside the room includes air conditioning, a ceiling, mini fridge, a safe, coffee make and large closets. There is a a balcony with a hammock surrounded by gardens and many offer views of the smoking volcano crater, Rincon de la Vieja.

Cabana Two Queen Beds

The spacious cabana with 2 queen beds is the perfect elixir for relaxation. Each 720 square foot room offers air conditioning, a ceiling, mini fridge, a safe, coffee maker. large closets and a balcony with a hammock. Double occupancy permits up to kids under 10 at no extra charge and all stays include breakfast. The rooms are surrounded by gardens and many offer views of the smoking volcano crater, Rincon de la Vieja.

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Eat & Drink

Tiki Bar and Restaurant
They’re all about fresh, great tasting food, without the pretension, served up in a tropical setting.
Chef Jorvis Delivers!
Attention to details, delicious refreshments, appetizers and meals AND kids LOVE it and all guests love the sound of flowing water everywhere!

Get Busy & Entertainment

Host Your Yoga Retreat With Blue River Resort & Hot Springs

Their Yoga Retreat offers the ultimate in physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation.

Rain Forest Yoga Retreats at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, Costa Rica

ALSO– Blue rivers, found at Blue River Resort & Hot Springs and elsewhere in Costa Rica are one of the country’s premier attractions. Many rivers are called or claim to to be “blue”. Only Costa Rica’s blue rivers boast a truly breathtaking vibrant blue. Pictures here don’t do them justice. Amazing wilderness Eco-adventures, include incredible waterfalls and swimming opportunities along the blue rivers that include horseback riding, zip lining and tubing.

Rio Azul

Here, on the north side of the volcano, Rincon de la Vieja, are two wondrous blue rivers. Many of their tours take place along, Rio Azul. It also flows past the resort on the other side of road from Blue River Resort & Hot Springs, where guests can take a short walk into the rainforest for a swim.

Blue River Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica Rainforest

The stunning beauty of the exotic butterflies found at Blue River Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica is both delightful and educational. The exotic Costa Rica butterflies fly about among the beautiful gardens, feeding, mating and laying eggs. Watch adult female butterflies ovipositing eggs on a host plant. Notice a tiny clump of gregarious larvae (caterpillars) devouring a leaf. Arrive during the morning to see butterflies emerge from the racks of pupae. Experienced guides will explain and let you touch the legs of butterflies and the scales on their wings. Benches are set up to relax and observe the spectacular colors of these fragile beings.

Their display center showcases pupae and displays the butterfly life cycle. They also operate a butterfly farm that successfully breeds many species in-house including Morpho, Siprueta Esterlene and Danaus Plexippus.

Be sure to inquire about a tour of the butterfly gardens. You’ll get a broad perspective from experienced and knowledgeable guides about butterflies, the various stages and processes of the butterfly life-cycle and the role of butterflies in nature.


At Blue River Spa in Costa Rica, guests indulge in a revitalizing experience. Soothe the body, mind and spirit by treating yourself with a variety of spa treatments.

Choose the spa treatment or package that caters to your particular needs. Relax at Blue River Spa in Costa Rica, where your spa treatment takes place inside the rain forest, listening to the tropical birds and looking upon the volcano and lush vegetation. Release yourself to the serenity.

Their natural mineral hot spring pools are a great compliment to a spa treatment. Also, the many physical activities available provided you the opportunity to vacation healthily and happily. So set aside some time away from your eco-tours, to treat yourself to the mineral “green” hot springs pools, the gym, saunas, and relaxing botanical gardens.

They also offer a mud bath treatment area inside the Botanical Gardens in between a hot water creek and a cold water creek.

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